Oh hey! I’m Chineme and welcome to my blog!

I’m currently a teenage girl in the UK who’s just finished her GCSE course and is now preparing to start the International Baccalaureate (IB) next year in sixth form.

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I’m hoping to study Business Management or Economics (or both!) in university, and then go into a career related to those subjects when I’m older, such as Investment Banking or just running my own business – I find these two subjects super interesting and so I’d love to pursue them in the future!

Some of you may know me as @chineme.studies, which is my Instagram study page, or as we like to call it, my studygram! I’ve decided to create a blog for similar reasons to my studygram – to offer motivation, encouragement and enjoyment to other students, as we venture through the world of study, revision and exams together.

However, while my studygram is restricted to photos and the tiny captions underneath, this blog will serve the purpose of going into more depth about study and lifestyle topics that don’t have a set place on my Instagram page.

My blog will consist of a range of topics, such as my top tips for studying, revision, lifestyle, organisation etc. I hope to be as active as I can on here, along with my studygram and YouTube channel.

As a student, I’m quite passionate about school, my studies, and my education, so here we are – a blog to document my educational experience!

I hope some of my blog posts can be useful to you and offer motivation to study, just as they motivate me. This blog is for encouragement and enjoyment so, feel free to enjoy what you find here!

Chat soon!

chineme xx